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What is the Full Form of NSS ?

NSS - National Service Scheme

The National Service Scheme was officially started on 24th September 1969 with primary focus on the development of students personality through community service and social work. The program was started by the Government of India, under the Department of Youth Affairs and Sports.

NSS is the association of students, and both students and teachers through their combined participation in the tasks of nation building. This deepens understanding of students towards social environment and enriches their personality through participation in social work and community service.

The motto of NSS is ‘NOT Me But You’. It reflects developing the sense of appreciation towards other person's point of view and other human beings. The symbol of NSS is been based on the giant Rath Wheel of the world famous Konark Sun Temple (The Black Pagoda) situated in Orissa, India.

NSS - National Sample Survey

National Sample Survey has been conducted by the National Sample Survey Office (NSSO), with the idea of collecting data that assist in socio-economic planning and policy making.