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What is the Full Form of TRP ?

TRP - Television Rating Point

Television Rating Point is the criterion that indicates the popularity of a channel or programme. A Programme name with higher TRP refers to large number of Viewers. This data is very useful for the advertisers because, advertisers want to place their advertisements during Programmes with higher TRPs. It is the criteria on which AD rates for a program is decided.

How TRP is Calculated
A television programme or a commercial sent over the air, from a satellite to a TV set, and is available for viewing by millions of viewers. So, How does one know, the actual number of people, viewing a particular programme.

INTAM (Indian Television Audience Measurement) is the electronic rating agency functioning in India, who manages all this. 'People meter' is an electronic device, installed in sample homes, that record data about the channel watched by the family members and the agency prepares a national data based on its reading. It is a tool which is used to judge the programmes with Higher TRP.